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'In the Moment'

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In the moment 
life is simple.

For us being in the moment is a reminder to stop and get balanced again. If we realize that this moment is all we have then life really is simple. In the moment is where we find God or the Universe's guidance and where we can hear the whispers of our Angels. We find that most of the stress we experience comes from living in the past or the future where we have no control. 



Since nature is such a big part of our lives we are pleased to be able to work with a local printer using only plant based ink and FSC certified recycled paper and packaging. We proudly display these logos on the back of each card. It's our little way of helping the environment for ourselves and future generations, like my grand kids


Photo of the Week

Life is best in the moment.


We hope that the photos on these cards and other items will inspire you to stop for a moment and just BE. In taking these photos Brian has learned that when he is patient and in the moment he captures the essence of what he is immersed in. He has taken the time to connect with Nature in a way that transfers to the pictures he takes.

* Brian's Blog *

An Out of Body Experience
March 24, 2013

Nature: Feel It!

September 12, 2012
I have put off writing my first blog on here for a while, waiting for the right time. I do that a lot, inspiration goes a long way with me ... click on links below to read more.      

    A 'Spiritual Practice'      
                 September 29, 2012                              I once read a quote, from Osho I believe, that when asked by a student how one can improve one’s spiritual practice he replied, “First you must drop the term practice and then you must drop the term spiritual.”  Read more here

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